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      BAIC Motor Support The Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory Completed

      Date: 19 July 2017     

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      BAIC Motor has been very active in new energy industry and factory base construction recently. After the in-depth cooperation with Daimler in new energy by investing in Beijing Benz to establish the pure electric car production base and power battery factory, BAIC Motor completed its second-period project of the Shunyi High-end Base, with a increased production capacity for 150,000 new energy vehicles.

      Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory, the first complete car factory of BAIC Motor (1958.HK) in the southwest region, was officially completed on 19 July 2017, which further expanded the company’s R&D and manufacturing territory. With the Chongqing factory completed, Beijing Hyundai formed its "Five Factories in Three Cities" national production capacity layout and comprehensively deepened its localized business strategy for enterprise transformation and upgrading and for further innovative development as well.


      Completion Ceremony for Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory

      Setting up one Beijing Hyundai factory in Chongqing is of important strategic development significance for both Chongqing city and BAIC Motor.

      Mr Zhang Guoqing, Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Chongqing Municipal Government, Mr Chen Lvping, Standing Member of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor of Chongqing Municipal Government, Party Working Committee Secretary and Administrative Commission Director of Liangjiang New District, Mr Xu Heyi, Party Secretary & Chairman of BAIC Group and Chairman of Beijing Hyundai, Mr Chung Eui Sun, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Company, Mr Xue Rongxing, Consultant of Hyundai Motor Company and Vice Chairman of Beijing Hyundai, Mr Zhang Xiyong, General Manager of BAIC Group and other leaders attended the ceremony.


      Xu Heyi, Party Secretary & Chairman of BAIC Group and Chairman of Beijing Hyundai

      As an important automobile production base in China, Chongqing has unique industrial advantages. Located in the Belt and Road region and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the city also owns advantages in transportation by linking the East and West and connecting the north and south. Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory is another new force in the BAIC national industrial layout that the group has been building up in recent years which takes Beijing as center and covers five major regions - North, South, East, West and Middle.

      It is reported that Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory is located in the Yufu Industrial Development Zone of Liangjiang New District of the city, covering an area of 1.87 million square meters. Holding the annual production capacity of 300,000 complete cars and 300,000 engines, the Chongqing factory’s biggest feature is to follow the "Intelligence · Green · Quality · Efficiency" strategic approach that Beijing Hyundai always insists for new factory construction and operation.


      For intelligent manufacturing, the Chongqing factory realizes entire production chain automation by using the globe-leading automobile manufacturing equipment and production technology. The fully automated production line consists of four major processes - stamping, welding, painting and assembly - and engine factories as well. The "Five 100%" concept going throughout the whole production system is the finest essence of intelligent production. As to green production, the factory will use a variety of environmental technologies to achieve low emissions, low energy consumption and green logistics. Regarding quality assurance, quality completion system, production instruction system, global security management system, energy-saving monitoring system and other modern management systems will be applied comprehensively for total quality control. In efficient operation, the factory will use GCS warehouse management system, automatic gap mismatch detection, 3D vision four-wheel positioning and etc technologies to achieve efficient production.


      Beijing Hyundai’s three complete car manufacturing factories - Chongqing Factory, Cangzhou Factory and Beijing Shunyi Factory - jointly set up the "Five Factories in Three Cities" national production capacity layout for Beijing Hyundai and also play a supporting role in facilitating the national development strategies "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development" and "Yangtze River Economic Belt Development". Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory marks BAIC Motor’s further acceleration in transformation and upgrading in intelligent manufacturing.

      As an important strategic fulcrum for BAIC Motor’s national development, Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory sticking to the "Intelligence · Green · Quality · Efficiency" core concept, is committed to building up a technology-intensive, scientific-managing, resource-saving modern factory, to fit the national development strategy, to practice enterprise transformation and upgrading, and to create a model for Beijing-Chongqing industrial transfer and cooperative development.


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